Case Study: Joan Workplace Management

Basic concept

Joan Workplace Management System offers sustainable room schedulers and workplace management solutions for a collaborative hybrid office.

It’s made of recyclable materials, low failure rate, and long service life contributes to the company’s sustainability efforts. In fact, Joan can run for a year on the power required to make one cup of coffee.

They wanted to take a step further and started planting trees. They wanted to boost its values, sales & customer engagement by planting trees.

What do they do that their model is so successful?

1 tree for every Joan device sold

They understand that sustainable alternatives sell better. Trees give them an extremely efficient tool to communicate their sustainability selling point.

Planted trees for every share, like, comment

They boost social engagement on posts that really matter by financing planted trees for every like, comment, or share they get on specific posts on social media.

They even plant trees when a customer does a desired action in their app.

Employee satisfaction by getting involved

By planting trees, they increased employee engagement and satisfaction. Now, they have a tangible climate action and a common mission.

They even plant trees together!

Want to learn more? Watch the video about how they’ve done and how you can do it too!

Want to start planting trees with us?

Get a certificate, badge, company profile and much more!

Partners that already plant trees with us

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