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What are the 4 wins of planting trees?


This page will not be your typical “About us” page…

Cooperations for good causes have to be based on trust. That’s why I decided to tell you a bit more about myself before I answer the top question.

I am Miha Hrovat, a 27-year-old environmental enthusiast from Slovenia, and I am the founder of Neutral Footprint and Treecelet.

But before I talk about the present, let me tell you a quick story about my childhood.

This is me planting trees in Tanzania

My mom and dad describe me as a weird child in a positive way…

One thing they always admired was how I treated our planet. I remember how I was picking up the litter my friends left behind when we were playing outside.

Growing up imagining how one day I can become environmental Gandhi and listening to Michael Jackson’s Earth Song brought me to where I am today…

You see, my mom is a teacher, and my father is an entrepreneur. I inherited my love for people and nature from my mom. My father is the reason why I think very practically about life.

I started planting trees in 2019 when I created my first environmental project called Treecelet, where we planted trees from our bracelets’ sales.


I am very proud that I have successfully joined my environmental passion and entrepreneurial instinct in one project.

To this day, I can’t believe that in just over two years, more than 30.000 people joined me and started planting trees.

With the help of my team (they are awesome, you can check them here) and together with our tree planting team in Tanzania,

we planted more than320.000trees.

To answer the question from the top of the page about the win-win-win-win situation.

Today, I feel obligated to share the business model with other like-minded companies.

Why do I want to share it?

There are 4 wins once you join our tree planting project:

1st win

Is yours! You get an incredibly powerful tool to communicate your environmental efforts as a company.

2nd win

Nature benefits the most when we implement tree planting as a working business model. Once you and other companies recognize that tree planting adds value to the business while doing good, we will be able to plant more and more trees.

3rd win

Your customers get an inspiring opportunity to do something good for the planet and future generations by supporting your company.

4th win

By joining my tree planting project, you also support my work and future environmental efforts. I see my tree planting projects as the beginning of something much bigger.


We always try to find the best ways to have minimum effect on the environment.


We always stand behind what we say. We deliver what we agree.


We believe that the most incredible things happen when people come together. That is why we always share our ideas.

Are you a company that recognizes similar values

and wants to start creating a better future by planting trees with us?

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